1 TON (12000 BTU) – ES-12GS01WSA+

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0.5w Stand By Low Voltage Running 130V Self-Cleaning Evaporator Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser Environment Protecting Coating on Evaporator Multi Health Filters High Strength of 15% from other Indoors Double Layer Air Louver (Cooling & Heating Wide Temp Comfortable Running -30°C ~ 50°C Power Off Memory (Indoor Temp remain same when unit is restarted Intelligent Defrost Quick Cooling & Heating Prevent Fire, Moisture & Short Circuit Multiple Protections to Prevent Insects, Mice, Dust and Damping Super Quiet Noise Level 18dB 4D Long Air Throw up to 50 Feet Backlit Remote Control

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    CAPACITY: 1 TON (12000 BTU)


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