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We make customized wedding gifts. Mehndi thaals, decorated glass, ear rings, shoes and any wedding gifting product or wedding wraps can be made on demand. Our business line is flexible and delivering goods as per customer needs is our main goal.

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  • Mehndi Accessories

  • Barat Accessories

  • Bridal Shoes

  • Kids Shoes

  • Wedding Gifts

  • Jewelry

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Ring Ceremony Tray

Rs. 4500
(No Reviews)

Ear Rings

Rs. 600
(No Reviews)

Ear Rings

Rs. 350
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Rs. 2000
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Baby Baskeet

Rs. 2800
(No Reviews)

Ear Rings

Rs. 400
(No Reviews)

4 boxex

Rs. 20000
(No Reviews)


Rs. 250
(No Reviews)